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"Steve Perry of Books, Taxes & More, LLC has helped me bring my business back into compliance with all levels of government. He has worked with county, state and Federal agencies to make Auto Radio compliant with all regulations. Steve dealt with the Internal Revenue Service forestalling collection efforts. He brought payroll into compliance at both the state and federal level. He helped us get our sales tax system working. He rebuilt our accounting systems. He even went out of his way to help us meet certain licensing requirements. He continues to monitor all systems and takes a great deal of administrative load off of my shoulders. He is my CFO, HR and confidant. Steve is the entrepreneur’s friend. He understands how small businesses work and all the challenges that they face in the areas of taxes, payroll, accounting and regulation. He is the person to call to free the business owner to do what he does." ~Bill Head, Auto Radio


"I have had a wonderful partner in Steve Perry of Books, Taxes & More, LLC allowing me to focus on what I do best. He is the one person I trust to advise me on all tax matters. Over the past several years, Steve has guided my company on a myriad of tax issues. He has consistently helped me document and prepare returns to minimize my tax liability….Read Less He spends as much time as needed to be sure he gets every possible expense. He works magic on my receipts and records extracting every possible tax deduction while minimizing any audit risk. It is so comforting to know that, if I am audited, I can rest assured that Steve will represent me before the IRS and will fight for me with every resource possible. Steve is a great listener, a great accountant and a phenomenal tax practitioner. You cannot go wrong working with Steve. He epitomizes client care." ~Stevee Ashlock, President StoneyBrook

Constantly keeps up with tax codes

"Steve Perry has repeatedly proven to be a knowledgeable and ethical accountant. In my experience, I have rarely encountered such scruples. He is empathetic and encouraging. He has helped me to understand aspects of finance that I was unaware of. Steve is constantly learning; always abreast of any changes to regulations and tax codes. This has enabled me to reap the most in my tax refund. Bonus: He's friendly, and has a wonderful sense of humor. I strongly recommend him." ~Dorothy Goodwin

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