Tax Prep & Planning


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Tax Preparation

Some accountants avoid claiming some deductions on their clients’ tax returns because they don’t want to raise red flags with the IRS. That’s not me. I believe in taking full advantage of every single legitimately eligible tax break. And because I do representation work, if there is ever a question, I will represent you before the IRS or state agency and fight to justify the deduction. I monitor my clients’ transcripts and can often identify areas of concern and address them before the IRS even sends a letter, which saves on penalties.


The cost of tax preparation and planning depends on the complexity of your need.

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Tax Planning

I take the same aggressive approach with tax planning, working with you to determine the very best strategies for maximizing profits. Do you have the most advantageous business entity? When and how should you make investments in your business? Is it time to add new products or services, open a new location – or even expand into additional states? I will arm you with a plan that lets you keep more of the money you’ve earned.

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Case Studies

A change of scenery means a change in your accounting, too.

Working in multiple states is a great way to grow your business, just make sure you know the rules of the road.

One of my clients runs a business that frequently operates in other states for several months at a time. They needed accounting guidance to make sure they handled their finances properly and continued clearing a profit.

Setting things up right

There are a number of tax considerations when you operate in more than one state. First of all, you need to be aware of and make sure you’re in compliance with the sales tax regulations in each state where you conduct business. Some state tax codes are more complicated than others, but I can easily do the research, set up appropriate accounts, and fill you in on the details.

Filing taxes

When you do business in more than one state, you have to file returns in each state. You also have to break down the income made in each state and pay taxes based on that state’s tax rate.  And then you have to do the same thing with your personal taxes.

Planning for Profits

My clients made very good money on these out of state jobs. However, remote projects come with additional expenses. I helped them factor in the costs for travel, equipment, housing, etc., to determine what they would need to charge in other states to maintain their profit margins.

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What Clients Say


Honest and straightforward

This man is a beast when helping people with their taxes. Especially when they put themselves in a bind. His efficiency, knowledge and understanding is what is helping me now. He breaks it down in details for things I don’t understand about IRS. He basically holds my hand and walks me through the process to help me through this difficult time….Read More

~ DeMoris Harper


A business partner who works magic

I have had a wonderful partner in Steve Perry of Books, Taxes & More, LLC allowing me to focus on what I do best. He is the one person I trust to advise me on all tax matters. Over the past several years, Steve has guided my company on a myriad of tax issues. He has consistently helped me document and prepare returns to minimize my tax liability….Read More

~ Stevee Ashlock , President StoneyBrook Productions



Saved me from a bigger tax bill

Professional, highly experienced and saved me from getting a bigger tax bill! Gives you the real deal about your situation and follows all guidelines.

~ Juan Mitchell