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Where does the IRS Get Income Information

Have you ever wondered just where the IRS gets the information to conduct audits or go after taxpayers that may not have reported all their income?  Beyond that, what is reportable?  In my experience, I have had numerous taxpayers ask me these two questions,...

Latest Changes in the Tax Code

The President recently signed a spending bill. Contained in this bill were some very significant changes to the tax code that affect both personal and business returns and, in some situations, may justify an amended 2018 return.  Among these changes include:...

Latest Scam Report by the IRS

We always need to be on the lookout for scams.  We get hit by phone calls so often it is almost routine.  The IRS often alerts subscribers to their newsletters of the latest scam.  One scam on the rise involves gift cards.  These scammers are...

Planning for the End of the Year

Those who make quarterly tax payments should know that a payment is due September 15.  This is because of the end of the Federal fiscal year on September 30th.  This is also a significant time for short-range planning.  We will soon be entering the...

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Understands small business challenges

Steve Perry of Books, Taxes & More, LLC has helped me bring my business back into compliance with all levels of government. He has worked with county, state and Federal agencies to make Auto Radio compliant with all regulations. Steve dealt with the Internal Revenue Service forestalling collection efforts….Read More

~ Bill Head, Auto Radio


A business partner who works magic

I have had a wonderful partner in Steve Perry of Books, Taxes & More, LLC allowing me to focus on what I do best. He is the one person I trust to advise me on all tax matters. Over the past several years, Steve has guided my company on a myriad of tax issues. He has consistently helped me document and prepare returns to minimize my tax liability….Read More

~ Stevee Ashlock , President StoneyBrook Productions



Honest and straightforward

This man is a beast when helping people with their taxes. Especially when they put themselves in a bind. His efficiency, knowledge and understanding is what is helping me now. He breaks it down in details for things I don’t understand about IRS. He basically holds my hand and walks me through the process to help me through this difficult time….Read More

~ DeMoris Harper